Thursday, October 22, 2009

CAD modeling to Clay Modeling !! 

Any guess on where the big boys of CAD are heading for? I think it's definitely for the good. The direction in which they go seems to be really promising. There should be really good product managers out there who are driving innovative technologies in their labs.

Have a look at what Autodesk have in their kitty:

The multi touch interface seems to have a good fortune since it's going to improve productivity tremendously. Working with CAD tools become more like clay modeling !  This would even attract artists and other creative designers to use these tools and interactive design becomes quite ubiquitous. Imagine having a multi - touch wall where more than one person could work on a design.

One can couple this with augmented reality and you really get the power of computing at your finger tips.

I am trying to postulate what interesting applications or even business models could emerge from such technologies. I am eager to lay my hands on such innovative devices that makes design easier, faster and exciting.

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